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aluminum reference material comparable to n5380057 6.223.5-91.3.05

Aluminum Calibration Material, 660.33°C


Compare to PE P/N: N5380057
Compare to Netzsch P/N: 6.223.5-91.3.05

Part Number: 761725
USA Product

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indium reference material compare to 900902.901 03190033 6.223.5-91.3.01

Indium Calibration Material, 156.59°C


Compare to PerkinElmer P/N: 03190033
Compare to TA P/N: 900902.901
Compare to Netzsch P/N: 6.223.5-91.3.01

Thermal Support P/N: 761721
USA Product

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tin reference material compare to 900910.901 03190034 6.223.5-91.3.02

Tin Calibration Material, 232.65°C


Compare to PerkinElmer P/N: 03190034
Compare to TA P/N: 900910.901
Compare to Netzsch P/N: 6.223.5-91.3.02

Thermal Support P/N: 761722
USA Product

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zinc reference material comparable to 900907.901 03190036 6.223.5-91.3.03

Zinc Calibration Material, 419.53°C


Compare to PerkinElmer P/N: 03190036
Compare to TA P/N: 900907.901
Compare to Netzsch P/N: 6.223.5-91.3.03

Thermal Support P/N: 761724
USA Product

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perkinelmer B0143263 comparable sample pan manipulator

Sample Pan Manipulator | Use for PerkinElmer B0143263


Part Number: B0143263_Special

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09908138 stainless steel hooked tweezers

Non-Magnetic, Stainless Steel Hooked Forceps


OEM P/N: 09908138
Part Number: 09908138
Price: $40.50

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09908400 stainless steel Tweezers

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Forceps

OEM P/N: 09908400
Part Number: 09908400_Special
Price: $47.00
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ta instruments 910824.001 comparable dsc cleaning brush

DSC Cleaning Brush Tool with Refill | Comparable to TA P/N: 910824.001


OEM P/N: 910824.001
Part Number: Tool_BrushKit
Price: $20

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