Thermal Support | A High Quality Consumables Company

Thermal Support is a leading source for clean, high-quality DSC, TGA and TG/DTA sample pans and thermal analysis consumables.

We are known for our Made-in-America aluminum and ceramic sample pans. If we buy a product as a reseller, we only look for the best; if we manufacture it ourselves, it was Made-in-America.

Sample packs available for the following series, as seen in our Brochure.

  • Aluminum 6.7mm series pans and covers
    • As part of our Universal Pan Series these are an excellent alternative for any DSC 6.7mm diameter sample pan (eg. TA, PerkinElmer, Netzsch)
    • New “Press-to-Fit" tools included with sample packs
  • Aluminum 5.4mm series pans and covers
    • Our own USA manufactured TA Tzero Comparable Products
    • Fully compatible with TA Tzero sample pan press.
  • Alumina Bulk Packaging series pans and covers
    • We have managed to purchase these in bulk allowing us to pass those savings along to our customers at excellent price points.
    • High Quality Alumina pans and covers at disposable pricing.
    • Alumina pans in 45ul, 70ul, 85ul and 90ul sizes

With over 50 years of industry experience, our commitment to you is:

Quality Products at a Reasonable Price with Support You can Count On


Equipment Repair Services continue to evolve

We began as an Instrument Repair company over 20 years ago specializing in non-current products. Today, our Consumable Business is close to 90% of our business.

For several reasons, including supply issues, the number of products we service continues to decrease. See below for a current listing of what we still support.

Manufacturer Model Number Current Support Status
PerkinElmer DSC7, Pyris1DSC and Diamond DSC Full Support
PerkinElmer GSA7 Gas Selector & PE Crimpers Full Support
PerkinElmer TMA7, DMA7/7e *Full Support *Furnaces no longer available
PerkinElmer TAC7/3,7, PC and TAC7/DX *Full Support *Some EPROMS no longer available
PerkinElmer DTA7, TGA7 and Pyris1TGA Limited Call
Shimadzu TGA50, DSC50 and DTA50 Limited Call

Service Documentation

Please call customer service at (678) 580-3822 for shipping information.