Aluminum 6.7mm Sample Pan
and Cover Kit


Part Number: 3016717.2

Alternative to PE P/N: 02190041
Price: $140
USA Product

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Aluminum 6.7mm Sample Pan and Flat Cover Kit, Qty. 200 each

Alternative to PerkinElmer P/N: 02190041, this kit includes 6.7mm x 1.7mm Aluminum Sample Pan P/N: 3416717.2 and 6.4mm Flat Cover P/N: 3116400.2

*Updated Part Number and Quantity of previous Part Number 3016717.4


“These pans were designed to be cleaner, manually pressed fitted, with a harder material and flatter bottom”

This pan is offered with both a flat lid and the pan style lid.

If you find the flat style cover is difficult with your sample, try our self-crimping pan & pan style cover set — see part number 5016717.2

This is a stiffer pan (using a softer lid) than many in its class to help resist bottom deformation sometimes seen when mechanically crimping difficult samples.

Thermal Support recommends manually crimping as the preferred method with this pan.

Customer feedback regarding the classic “rollover” typically seen when using the PE crimper and PE pans is mixed. A more realistic expectation would be the typical rolling inward normally seen when the “rollover” is absent.

Clean for DSC Product

We manufacture our own products in the USA and as the original manufacturer we are directly involved in the lubricants used in the manufacturing process, the solvent and method used in cleaning our products. After having all new products successfully passing independent testing for several years, we now do high speed DSC runs (greater sensitivity) on all new incoming Lots. Be sure to read our product warranty policy.


In deference to the Original Manufacturers:

“Thermal Support LLC is not affiliated with PerkinElmer Corporation. Any claims of compatibility with PerkinElmer products are the sole claim of Thermal Support and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by PerkinElmer Corporation”

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .75 × 3 in

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