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Aluminum 6.7mm x 2.7mm High Volume Sample Pan | Alternative for TA P/N 900760.901


Compare to: OEM P/N: 900760.901
Thermal Support P/N: 2416727.2
USA Product


This is a 6.7mm standard sample pan similar to those standard pans used by TA Instruments, PerkinElmer and Netzsch.

This pan is shipped in a quantity of 200 and may also be used for NGB810405 – 399.970 (Light Version) – 02190041 (High Volume) – 900786.901 High Volume Alternative Product

  • This pan is a High Volume (2.7mm deep), Self-Crimping pan (when using our Pan Style Cover 5316500.2)
    • This competes as an Alternative High Volume, Self-Crimping version of the TA 900786.901 pan
  • This is a “light” version of similar 6.7mm x 2.7mm pans that have a .15mm wall thickness
    • The 2416727 pan has a .1mm wall thickness making it 33% lighter than .15mm pans
    • Lighter, thinner aluminum pans transfer heat more efficiently to your sample for greater sensitivity.
  • This pan will also compete as a High Volume version of the PerkinElmer 02190041 Standard Aluminum pan (which is only 1.7mm deep).

Clean for DSC Product

Thermal Support’s manufacturing protocol purposely matches our cleaning solvents with the manufacturing lubricants used. This attention to detail goes a long way to ensure that our own USA products are among the cleanest available.

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In deference to the Original Manufacturers:

“Thermal Support LLC is not affiliated with TA Instruments or Waters Corporation. Any claims of compatibility with TA Instruments’ products are the sole claim of Thermal Support and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Waters Corp. or TA Instruments”

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .75 × 3 in

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