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6.5mm Aluminum Pan Style Cover | For use with our 5416717.2 pan or PE 02190041 pan


Alternative to TA P/N: 900779.901
Thermal Support P/N: 5316500.2
Price: $100.00
USA Product

“Press to Fit” with TS P/N: 5416717.2




  • This product is NOT A DIRECT REPLACEMENT for TA P/N: 900779.901 pan style cover – it is instead an alternative that was designed for both our larger volume P/N 5416717.2 pan or PerkinElmer P/N: 02190041 pan. *Due to the larger volume and slight diameter difference, this cover is too large to properly fit with OEM 900786.901 pan.
  • If you prefer a pan style cover closer to TA 900779.901 pan style cover, we are able to supply those also. Simply fill out the CONTACT US form. Thank you.


Aluminum Pan Style Cover is part of our “Press to Fit” system to be used with Thermal Support P/N: 5416717.2

“Press to Fit” Encapsulating Instructions

Clean for DSC Product

We manufacture our own products in the USA. As the original manufacturer we are directly involved in the lubricants used in the manufacturing process, the solvent and method used in cleaning our products. After having all new products successfully passing independent testing for several years, we now do high speed DSC runs (greater sensitivity) on all new incoming Lots. Be sure to read our product warranty policy.

Each sample pan and cover has an operating range of -170° to 600 °C. These can be used with nonvolatile solid samples, such as plastics and polymers, and are routinely used for applications such as polymer melting, crystallization, glass transitions of polymers, thermoplastics, and thermosets.


In deference to the Original Manufacturers:

“Thermal Support LLC is not affiliated with TA Instruments or Waters Corporation. Any claims of compatibility with TA Instruments’ products are the sole claim of Thermal Support and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Waters Corp. or TA Instruments”

Additional information

Weight .325 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .75 × 3 in

Thermal Support